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Money and artificial intelligence: Silver market finally striking gold?

La alegría de vivir / The joy of living - at any age

Is silver finally striking gold?
Advertising's neglect of the silver market - that time of life when people traditionally have more financial security and time to enjoy themselves - has long been a mystery.

Here are three relevant, recent ads which caught our eye.

OMG, what prompted that expression?

Step up from the stairlift
A Canadian bank has put out a series of cheeky ads reflecting the reality of many people's senior lifestyle. This one, 'Sore Back', will likely strike chords with parents and grown-up children alike. 

Turning the tables on the traditionally condescending or simply uninterested approach taken by advertising towards anyone over the age of youth, the ad acknowledges that many 55+ people enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, thriving business savvy, and/or rude health/humour.
Meantime, Spanish insurance company Santalucía put out this campaign which, in broadly romantic strokes, presents images of fun, creativity, vibrancy and lives well lived at any age.
Retro AI
In Peru, shopping centres Real Plaza Malls responded to the isolation suffered by some of their most loyal customers/visitors - senior citizens - during the COVID-19 crisis by developing the Retro Smart Device with Google.

A console from the '50s is fully fitted out with artificial intelligence and voice commands made with those less technically savvy in mind. A voice command from a resident gets everyone dancing.
Sample straw poll responses:

 HomeEquity Bank:
Surprising from a traditional business 
Clever and disruptive;
OMG I love it!


Retro Smart Device: 

Brilliant, take it global now!
Possibly helpful for users who are still mentally agile,
are keen to learn new technologies... and who speak very clearly in the manner the AI needs!
Do the elderly really want their homes fitted out like the '50s? 


Posted by Tree Elven on 08/08/2021

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