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Ann Summers' winter warmer turns up the heat in different ways

While it was one of the most-viewed Christmas 2018 ads here on ADDS, this saucy #ASTurnUpTheHeat campaign for luxury lingerie purveyor Ann Summers clearly got some people heated in a certain way: We ran a pop-up poster survey in a London co-working space and the body of one of the models featured in a still from the ad was covered with red 'sad' stickers.

There's no way of knowing if this was the reaction of one person or several, so it's hard to draw any conclusions from it. But we still found it very interesting.

Did the respondent/s know that this was an ad for a lingerie line, in other words, it's just doing its job of showing off the product?

What was causing the reaction? This particular still was of a darker-skinned model; the full video ad includes a range of body images though it excludes older female bodies.

We included this still image as part of the same survey at the European Women in Technology event where ADDS had an exhibition 'voting booth' in Amsterdam.

Respondents there were concerned to know whether the video contained a variety of body images, but were not unduly bothered by the image of a female body displaying underwear in a lingerie ad. One visualisation expert did comment that such a display of flesh would not be popular in India, where family-based ads are better accepted, but that she personally did not find it offensive.

What do you think? Just an ad doing an effective job, or do you see something more sinister at play?

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Posted by Giovane Tomaz Costa on 15/10/2019


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