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Send in the drones

Children tell G7 to 'Act Now'

The voices of children and the stunning spectacle of drones in animal shapes make up this Stop Extinction campaign from non-government organisation (NGO) Greenpeace.

Send in the drones
When leaders including US President Joe Biden landed in Cornwall, UK, to attend the G7 summit - an event in part intended to pave the way for the upcoming COP26 climate change conference - they were greeted by the breath-taking 'Act Now' message featuring 300 illuminated drones.

The flock of drones was created using complex software and choreographed by the same company that hit the headlines with a Hogmanay 2020 display 
Greenpeace has a reputation for spectacular environmentally-positive stunts: in this case, the words spelt out at the end of the animal parade span up to 250ft (76m) in height and 400ft (122m) in length. 

A deluge of plasticity

And less than a month before G7, Greenpeace had taken a visually arresting swipe at British Prime Minister Boris Johnson with this satirical 'Wasteminster' campaign.
Every single day, 1.8 million kilograms of the UK's plastic waste is exported to other countries, points out Greenpeace. It then asks and answers the question: What would it look like if that exact amount was dumped on Downing Street?
Located in the City of Westminster in London - hence the 'Wasteminster' parody tag - Downing St houses the official residences and offices of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and the Chancellor of the Exchequer. 

Environmental campaigns have upped their game. They're playing in a different league now.

Striking combinations of art, pop culture, activism and technology are grabbing headlines.

Most of all - the messages are simple and the images stick.


Posted by Tree Elven on 08/08/2021

Keywords: G7 Cornwall 2021, environmental activism, Greenpeace, Wasteminster, UK plastic waste, plastic pollution, UK plastic waste exports

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