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About Addvertising

Hi there,

We’ve set up this independent site so that you can enjoy/share/critique all kinds of advertising without any fear of being ‘targeted’ or having your personal information sold to third parties who want to sell you stuff! It’s just advertising as content. For information and entertainment.

We’ve called it ‘addvertising’ ‘cos we believe there is tons of interesting, useful and creative advertising out there which should ‘add’ to our lives, not weird us out so much that we take to ad-blockers.

I’m the founder, my name’s Tree Elven and I am completely independent: I’m not affiliated with any company and I won’t be selling your personal details to any third party. My team and I just enjoy ‘addvertising’ as content, and we’d love to hear what you think.

So go ahead - please vote, comment, share and submit ‘adds’ that catch your eye for whatever reason.

Thanks, and enjoy!

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