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Robotic dogs - so cute! So... sinister

Here's a coincidence:-Commercials for the February 13  Super Bowl football event are everywhere right now, and the same morning I picked the Kia Robo Dog offering for ADDS, I read about robotic dogs being tested as 'force multipliers' along the US-Mexican border.
Parents across the USA and beyond look set to hear howls of longing for 'Robo Dog's car' from captivated kids. The South Korean multinational pulls out all the cute stops in a 1'10" mini-movie that you'll probably want to watch to the end. 
TV and online entertainment overall proved to be one of the big winnersof Covid restrictions, and this year's Super Bowl is the most expensive ever, with a 30-second slot going for a reported $7 million -a hefty 27% increase over the previous year.
Meanwhile. who's been walking their dog on the beach?
Well, Ghost Robotics is the proud owner in this case, but they've run into some outcry - the robotic dog pictured is part of US Department of Homeland Security patrol trials along the US-Mexican border. 
Ghost Robotics was promoting its 'Ghost Dog' (pictured out for a '3.5 feet per second' run) in May last year as a useful security watchdog for military installations - and the possessor of "sick dance moves".Civil liberties groups are not the only ones concerned about the clear potential for weaponising robotics.
The global military robots market is set to rise from US$14.5 billion in 2020 to US$24.2 billion by the end of 2025.
'Ask not for whom the red light shines.....'

Don't you wonder which would ultimately do better in a security situation - headless Ghost Dog or screen cutey Robo Dog?

And the final part of my robotics dog day coincidence was when a friend put on the 1995 family claymation favourite, 'Wallace & Gromit: A Close Shave' - featuring Preston (right of pic) as a woman's best friend gone horribly wrong....


Posted by Tree Elven on 15/02/2022

Keywords: Super Bowl commercials 2022, Kia Robo Dog, robotic dogs, robotics, ghost dog military security, David&Goliath, electric vehicle commercials

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