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Call of the wild: Personal message from Kaleo?s JJ Julius Son

If you?re into alternative rock, you?ve probably heard of him. If you?re into rock babes, he?s apparently becoming one. Now the Kaleo frontman lends his distinctive voice to conservation.

Fans of Icelandic band Kaleo will recognise the soundtrack, 'I Can't Go On Without You' for this one-minute campaign by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), urging action to conserve endangered species.

?I believe in preserving the natural world and its beauty," says lead vocalist and guitarist JJ, attributing his conviction to the fact that he grew up in ?one of the largest unspoiled areas in Europe. Conservation is a vital part of protecting this planet and deserves global support.?

He and his bandmates - drummer David Antonsson, bassist Daniel Kristjansson and guitarist Rubin Pollock - began making the headlines in 2012. The track ?All the Pretty Girls? gave them a big boost in 2014 and has just been classified Gold in U.S. sales, i.e. more than 500k).

The four-man band has since moved from Iceland, a nation of some 330,000 people, to the United States, where they?ve played in 45 states and landed a spot on the soundtrack to HBO hit show Vinyl - very appropriate, since they love vinyl for its ability to showcase literally two different sides of a band/artist?s work. They called their first album ?A/B? as tribute to that split function.

Julius, 27, (Pisces, for you astrology buffs) has been writing his own songs since he was 13, and is happy to be using his distinctive howl?n?growl tones and the band?s growing image to contribute to wildlife conservation work. ?I am proud to work with WWF in an effort that is very close to my heart.?

The Tiger spot is not the only one in the campaign - you can find links to the WWF series on the Kaleo website.

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Posted by Giovane Tomaz Costa on 15/10/2019


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