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Classified ads: US, UK intelligence services recruit online

Within days of each other, the USA's Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Britain's Royal Navy Submarine Service put out digital ads as part of their recruitment drives in a bid to reach potential recruits where they are - on streaming platforms.

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The CIA's one-minute campaign  also aims to showcase its diversity credentials. Women feature largely: Director Gina Haspel is the first woman to head the Agency, and since she took over, all five CIA directorates have become headed up by women.

"Advertising on streaming services is an important step forward to reach talented Americans with the diversity of experiences we require to continue to be the world’s premier intelligence service" (Haspel)

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Blending gravitas with pace and intrigue, the ad depicts momentous decisions, clandestine meetings and suggested cyber-threats. It also implies a handover from the experienced old guard to the young.

Intrigue and pace also play a key role in this tantalising one-minute glimpse into the life of a recruit to Britain's Royal Navy Submarine Service - known as the Silent Service because the submarines are often required to operate undetected.

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Skilfully worded to arouse intrigue without revealing anything, the 'Ciaran's Story' campaign aims to appeal to those prepared to venture 

"where even the top banter is top secret.... And where the kit is so cutting-edge, it doesn’t even exist on civvy street"

The Royal Navy says it has "always been at the forefront of underwater warfare and has built an enduring reputation for professionalism and courage". 

Two years ago, Britain's MI6 intelligence service put out its first video ad, reported the Daily Mail.

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Offering a less invigorating, more 'homely' approach, it said life as an intelligence officer is not so much about 'surviving in a shark tank' as 'picking up on the silent cues that matter'.

What do you think? Will advertising clandestine careers help contribute to a more diverse and open society in the long run?

Posted by Tree Elven on 30/07/2020

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