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Do men prefer good value to good looks?

Californian start-up Dollar Shave Club (DSC) got famous fast for sending guys monthly packs of good quality razors at an unbeatable price, and for humorous ads pointing out the absurdity of paying over the odds, falling into the free gift trap, or getting hooked on too much tech for what should be the simple task of shaving. The first Dollar Shave Club ad featured its founder Michael Dubin straight-talking to camera in an amusing, stripped-down promotional taking the mickey out of elaborate ads However, this new ad, which promotes the extended range of men?s grooming products, moves into poignancy with a theatrical representation of men - and some women - about their elaborate preparation routines for daily life. Steve Lawrence sings Sammy Davis Jr.?s classic tune 'I?ve Gotta Be Me' as a broad range of guys get ready using Dollar Shave Club's extended range of men's grooming products - with a little help from their friends. ?Bit fancy for a razor blade ad,? grumbled our one-man straw poll after watching the 3?40? piece. ?Erm, the point is that it?s promoting the other men?s grooming products they do now.? ?Oh, is that what it?s about? Oh. Didn?t know they did other stuff. Thought Dollar Shave were just razors.? Straw poll wanders off. Which once again proves why DSC?s original approach stressing simplicity, convenience and good quality at great prices struck such a hit with the gents, boosting it up the rankings in the $3 billion U.S. shaving market and earning it 60% of the online market. Last year Dollar Shave Club was bought for $1 billion by Unilever, giving the British-Dutch transnational a nice big trendy foot into the U.S. market while positioning itself in the growing male grooming space. Where does it leave you? Dying to unpack the new products landing on your doorstep, or already yearning for the no-frills, no-decisions $1 box of blades delivery?

Posted by Tree Elven on 31/07/2018


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