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Ramadan 2020, COVID-19

Ramadan is a month of fasting, reflection, charitable giving, and community for Muslims around the world. In 2020, Ramadan, which began on April 24, was inevitably affected by the COVID-19 coronavirus situation. This 2020 piece caught our eye for its simplicity – visually reflected in the black and white footage over-written with children’s responses.

"We are all experiencing a season like no other, and in these uncertain times, we all need hope,"

says young US musical artist Brittin Lane, who wrote the melody and co-wrote the lyrics for this piece. "I hope this song and beautiful film shines a little bit of light into these dark times and unites us all."

Her soundtrack accompanies comments made by children who were asked what they would remember about their experiences during COVID-19 measures including lockdown, staying at home and multiple restrictions on daily life for millions worldwide.

The answers in this two-minute black and white film prompted the creation of the original song, 'I'll Remember What I Learned'. It's for UAE-based Babyshop, a leading children’s retailer in the Middle East and Asia Pacific, which wanted to get across the message of optimism for a better future after COVID-19 under the slogan 'A World We Deserve'.

Does it succeed?

Previous years

Many commercials going out at Ramadan rely heavily on children to deliver messages of forgiveness, understanding and giving.

Like the Babyshop ad, this tale of a broken bond between two brothers told by BMW in 2019 (image above) also had a specially written song, called ‘Time Goes By’ to accompany it.

In the same year, Tata Motors illustrated its ‘celebrating goodness’ story with a busload of six-year-old school children and their driver.

Those of us not familiar with Ramadan commercials will notice that they tend to be emotive in tone – something that can provoke debate, depending on the product: In 2018, Coca Cola produced this piece about two young women sharing each other’s cultures – including some Coke – after a sudden realisation. 


Whether or not you observe Ramadan, whether you despise or adore Coke, anyone who has ever fasted will relate to the comments about drinking fizzy soda on an empty stomach. One YouTube viewer summed up their reaction to the ad by saying:

"So sweet and so wrong at the same time".


Posted by Tree Elven on 28/04/2020

Keywords: Ramadan 2020, COVID-19 coronavirus, Ramadan ads, Muslim children, Brittin Lane, FP7 McCann, Babyshop, MIddle East

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