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What does Matt Damon have in common with London buses?

You wait for ages,then three come along at once...

Not three Matt Damons, obvs.But three recent campaigns that illustrate how the Hollywood actor ('The Bourne Identity'. 'The Martian, 'Good Will Hunting') uses advertising to fight for what he believes in...
Early drop in stream of Christmas adsThis partnership with pilsner beer-maker Stella Artois sees Damon, a co-founder of Water.org, reminding us that "...in developing countries, women around the world spend hours collecting water."
"This season, every Stella Artois and limited-edition chalice helps support water.org so instead of walking hours to collect water, these women can spend that time with loved ones."Before his acting career took off in the late Eighties, Damon had travelled extensively outside the United States of America with his mother. 

“I quickly realized the world was much bigger than my hometown," says the actor, who went on to found H2O Africa Foundation in 2006. “You cannot solve poverty without solving water and sanitation.” 

Crypto clueMeanwhile, Our Man in Madrid tells us that Spanish TV is on fire with this endorsement of cryptocurrency trading platform Crypto.com.Stuffed with witty allusions to his own movies, it reminds us that....
Damon is quoted:

“Much like what we’re doing with Water.org, Crypto.com is a cryptocurrency platform that shares my commitment to empowering people around the globe with the tools needed to take control of their futures.”

So, cryptocurrencies are for people....
Wow, how good does that feel?!Me and Matt, in the money together.Crypto.com raised eyebrows both by securing one of the highest-grossing actors of all time and sinking $100 million into the campaign. For his part, Damon reportedly secured a one million-dollar donation to and ongoing collaboration with Water.org from the financial trading platform.
Fortune favours the brave
And finally, the ad - aka trailer - for 'The Last Duel', written by Nicole Holofcener, Matt Damon and his co-writer on 'Good Will Hunting', Ben Affleck.Damon and Affleck both star in the recently released movie, but it's Adam Driver pictured with Damon - we'll talk about him and advertising another time.The historical drama was made on a $100-million budget. Why does that figure sound familiar? Oh yes! (See above).Cheers, everyone!

Posted by Tree Elven on 17/11/2021

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