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CBD, the embodiment of green growth

Brits have already spent £150 million on CBD products in 2020, with interest doubling during COVID-19 lockdown.

CBD (cannabidiol) oils, drinks and other products were already a growing sector. Derived from the cannabis sativa plant, CBD won't get you high: it's THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) that's the psychoactive ingredient of cannabis.

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Many stores now carry non-THC products, and they're being hailed by wellness practitioners and users alike as helpful for a range of conditions like insomnia, pain and anxiety, and for improved general mental health. 

Lockdown measures created a huge increase in purchases: in the UK alone, speciality portal Alphagreen reports that 7.8 million Brits have already spent £150 million on CBD products in 2020, with interest doubling during COVID.

"It definitely helps," says a 76-year-old former gymnast with high energy who was severely affected by lockdown.

"I thought lockdown was going to kill me - I felt so restricted and couldn't exercise properly; I was afraid the stress would give me a stroke. I take a little CBD oil in the morning and again in the evening if necessary. I feel more mellow and positive again, much more like myself."

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British companies such as Botanic Lab (image above) and Bud and Tender (image right) have leapt in early on the trend, using largely UK-grown supplies.

Botanic Lab says CBD-laced drinks are the future: "It’s time for drinks that do something... Our drinks are functional by nature not merely by name."

Consumer trust and safety are both hugely important when building a CBD business, their leaders agreed at the recent Prohibition Partners LIVE event. Certifications of purity, provenance and process are top priorities for the reputable sellers.

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As well as showing fast growth and sustained consumer interest, the CBD sector is opening up new career paths for 'bud-tenders'.

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On the business side: "Regulation is confusing and the big players are still watching this space," Alphagreen co-founder Alexej Pikovsky tells us. "The beauty of the UK is that it has a very business-driven approach."

The image above is from a video for US brand Tranquini: the animated ad doesn't mention that the drink is 'hemp-infused'; however, that wording does appear on the cans.

In terms of visibility, UK advertising doesn't allow use of the term 'CBD'. The trend towards awareness and education is positive, says Pikovsky, but "I wouldn't expect it to be as easy as with other industries."

"My son and I researched online to find the best brand, the most pure, before purchasing," says the former gymnast. "I've always practised naturopathy and health through food - I'm not going to put anything impure into my system."


Posted by Tree Elven on 10/07/2020

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