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Trouble in 'Adlands'

The people are fleeing!” lamented the King of Adlands. “Ad-blocker Anarchists and the Army of Ad-free Streaming are everywhere!” 

“Send out the Retargeting Reserves!” cried the Queen.  

But their Treasurer shook her head. “Since word got out about Admiral Adfraud and Major Mistrust, fewer and fewer people will engage with the Reserves,” she said.

“Then call in Dr Data!” screeched the King. 

“Not cost-effective,” said the Treasurer. “Consumers are more health-conscious now, they’re not swallowing all of Dr Data’s prescriptions any more.” 

“I don’t understand,” said the Queen. “Dr Data’s Do-Gooders filled our coffers telling our people exactly what to think and how to behave; the Do-Gooders monitored every thought, every feeling. We made it so easy for the people!”  

“We have nothing to reproach ourselves for,” comforted the King. “We’ll find a way to bring the people back.” 


“Here’s an idea,” said the Jester. 

“Shut up,” said the Queen, King and Treasurer in unison. 

More silence.  

“It’ll add to the good work done by the Reserves and Do-Gooders,” pursued the Jester. 

“Shut up.” 

“It’ll cheer up all those Creatives clapped up in the Talent Tower with depression.” 

“Shut up.” 

“And it won’t cost much at all.” 

The Treasurer looked interested. 

“It’ll help bring the people back to Adlands,” concluded the Jester.  

More silence. 

“Okay,” said the King. “What’s the idea?”  

The Jester stopped clowning about and said: “Ask the people directly what they think.” 

“We know what they think!” exclaimed the Queen. “And feel, and when/where they think or feel it, and what they’re wearing at the time!” 

“Maybe,” said the Jester diplomatically. “But people like to know these things for themselves. They like to have their own agency.” 

Suspect the Jester may have a point? Call the Jester direct on: +44 (0)749 520 2405
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Posted by Tree Elven on 08/08/2021

Keywords: Advertising industry, future of advertising, ad-blockers, retargeting reserves, consumer mistrust of advertising, consumer privacy issues, misuse personal data

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