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Protest: Out of the mouths of babes.... and real rock stars

#QuienNoLloraNoMama / If you don't cry you don't get fed

The crying of a huge baby figure sitting on the ground outside Madrid's Reina Sofia Museum makes for an attention-grabbing installation. It aims to secure a law to protect breastfeeding in public spaces in Spain: a recent study indicated that 52% of mothers conceal breastfeeding, while 63.5% felt judged.

The campaign embodies the common Spanish saying 'quien no llora no mama' - a phrase from the political protest song 'Cambalache' by Argentinian musician Enrique Santos Discépolo (1901-1951).

"If you don’t cry, you don’t get fed and if you don’t steal, you’re stupid"

Full lyrics in Spanish and English here. 

The baby was painstakingly created by taking scans of real babies, printing them in 3D and moulding in silicone with specialised painting to achieve the skin effect. 

Different chords of protest

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Meanwhile, US systems software vendor Workday deployed rockers Ozzy Osbourne, Gary Clark Jr., Joan Jett, Billy Idol, and Paul Stanley to call out the corporate world's tendency for colleagues to hail each other as 'rock stars' when in fact all they've done is their own regular desk job. 

It was launched at the 2023 Super Bowl and got a lot of attention, but clearly strikes the right note for many all year round.

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Now that's a good question.

For many, Roger Waters has and is the answer.

The English singer-songwriter and co-founder of progressive rock band Pink Floyd, also launched an important message last month, delivering a speech to the United Nations calling for an end to warmongering, mainstream media manipulations, and an immediate ceasefire in the Ukraine/Russia conflict.

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"Enough is enough!

We demand change.

Do the right thing"


Posted by Tree Elven on 23/04/2023

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