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What do Pornhub and the British government have in common?

Sexism, apparently

The UK's government got itself into hot water by launching a campaign to urge us to 'Stay Home. Save Lives' in light of the rapidly spreading new COVID variant.

Within a week it had withdrawn the campaign following an outcry over the images it had selected -  three out of four showed women working in the home while the only one portraying a man depicted him comfortably splayed on a sofa with his arm protectively around his relaxed female partner and child.
We might be thinking 'unbelievable!' or 'oops' or 'it's just showing the reality' of lockdown situations.
But it does give rise to the question of whether the campaign would have been equally lambasted if it had shown more pictures of men at work in the home. Or even an equal number.
How offensive is this campaign to the many men wfh while taking on home schooling, childcare, housework and other unforeseen tasks?
Is there a case for just sticking to stick people?

Pornhub displays its climate activism with 'Get Sexstainable'


Meanwhile, environmental organisation 2030 or Bust made a grand entrance onto at least some of the public consciousness via a partnership with adult content platform Pornhub.
The two have put together a campaign full of sexual innuendo to promote their JOI (Jerk Off Instructions) initiative, ostensibly encouraging people to create less waste and enjoy the sexiness of sustainability.
For every JOI view accumulated under the new channel over the next month, Pornhub will donate to 2030 or Bust, which is dedicated to empowering people to reduce their carbon footprint through accessible everyday actions.
Nothing wrong with that, surely?
Hm, well, it does leap to the eye that it's overwhelmingly stereotypically attractive, highly compliant young women doing the urging.
There's even a beauty on the bonnet, harking back to the old days of sexy girls being draped over cars to convince male purchasers to get their wad out.
Does the fact that it's partly tongue-in-cheek make it less offensive?

"Having worked in the digital side of the adult industry relatively recently, I don't believe that it has progressed at all. This ad might be airy, but inside the industry the same sexism, objectification of women and mistreatment continue to be rife"

Male marketer and father



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Posted by Tree Elven on 07/08/2021

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