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The business of love & the art of loving

"Love, can you hear me?"

In the UK alone, we spend an estimated £855 million+
on gifts and activities to mark Valentine's Day.
Dining out is usually the most popular celebration.

LDR takes on a new meaning
In this four-minute film, Kwentong Jollibee, a fast food chain in the Philippines, brings on the romance within the context of changes wrought by COVID.
The brand's ads are becoming as popular as the products, racking up millions on YouTube and other platforms.

"Filipinos are die hard romantics, we even had a word enter the Oxford dictionary that means that butterfly feeling in your stomach when you see your crush! Or something like that. The word is 'kilig'."

Manila-based business owner
Obviously, this year's Valentine's Day is different for many of us.
In their 2021 Valentine Series, Jollibee is sensitive to the fact that many people will be on their own, and encourage them to make sure they receive special treatment on this celebratory day.
Meantime, British financial comparison platform GoCompare brings a spot of much-needed fun to the table: the brand's traditional 'face', Welsh operatic tenor Wynne Evans, is joined remotely by other voices uplifted in their catchy song adapted for February 14, 2021. 
The one that's getting away?
We can't help feeling that in this day and age, when literally millions of people over 50 are marrying, re-marrying, or co-habiting, there's a missed opportunity here. How many romantic ads do we see specifically for this demographic?
The Art of Loving
But perhaps what will be most different about Valentine's Day this year is a veering away from Love in its Cupid form towards its many other shapes.
The determination of the late Captain Sir Tom Moore, who raised millions for the National Health Service (NHS) before his hundredth birthday, is a very public embodiment of that expansion.
For anyone who wants to look beyond the business of love, we recommend the 1956 book, The Art of Loving, by psychoanalyst and social commentator Erich Fromm.

Fromm presents love as a skill that can be learned through humility, courage and discipline.

Real love, he observes, "is not a sentiment which can be easily indulged in by anyone."

We wish you a truly Happy Valentine's Day 2021!


Posted by Tree Elven on 07/08/2021

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