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Is it okay to call the family pet Whisky?

We all know the saying ?easier said than done?. In Spain, there's a similar saying about the fact that it's a long road between words to action - el trecho.

This trailer-style ad shows diverse people settingout on that particular road trip as they decide to take action rather than just talk about it.

The context is a new law in Spain which aims to drastically cut under-age drinking in the interest of adolescents? health. Seventy percent of 14-18-year-olds surveyed admitted that they had consumed alcohol within the last 30 days, and 32 percent confessed to binge-drinking - defined as five drinks or more within three hours.

Spain?s political parties almost unanimously voted for the raft of fresh measures, which includes proposals to ban the sale of alcohol close to schools, change bottle labels and advertising to reflect an approach of zero consumption in the case of minors, and create a register for minors admitted to hospital with alcohol-related issues.

Known for its alegr?a, Spain is also world-famous for fantastic film-making and a very interactive society with strong family values - elements put to use in this socially purposeful yet entertaining ad.

It supports the legal initiatives with a push to make all of society - friends, families, teachers and others - aware of the negative impact apparently insignificant actions can have on youngsters.

Naming a dog Whisky or Rum might not seem much of a contribution to future addiction or health problems for developing young bodies, but it?s exactly that lack of thought that does contribute to problems, says the campaign.

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Posted by Giovane Tomaz Costa on 15/10/2019


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