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Ryan Reynolds: Consume responsibly

It’s the time of year when we’re being advised to moderate our alcohol and other intakes to avoid excess, so where’s the ‘consume responsibly’ label for North American actor-turned-advertiser Ryan Reynolds?

The 43-year-old, who’s married to U.S. actress Blake Lively, has become ubiquitous this festive season, hitting different kinds of headlines on what seems like a daily basis as he forges his own unique genre of comedy and action.

Netflix viewers may already be well aware of his new movie, ‘6 Underground’, directed by Michael Bay. Reynolds – famed for his dry humour both on screen and in his copy-writing  – appears in a scene that looks as though it’s made its way in by mistake, from one of the actor’s Instagram posts.

Do we believe in mistakes when we’re talking about a performer who’s inserted an ad for his own gin into a Samsung commercial, hijacked exercise bike brand Peloton’s Christmas effort for the same purpose, and brought deadpan to Deadpool in the trailer for his new movie ‘Free Guy’?


Probably not.

Reynolds kicked off his career in teen soap ‘Hillside’, took it up a notch with the series ‘Two Guys and a Girl’, and made the perfect match for another comedic star, Sandra Bullock, in ‘The Proposal’.

If he’s in any shot, it’s likely because he planned it that way.

The ‘free’ guy can’t help it…


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Posted by Tree Elven on 16/12/2019


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