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Knit One, Purr More.... Inside the mesmerising new world of cat music

Sensuality, science, and - dearie me - even a spot of consent education as this musical ball of feline fantasy unravels in front of our eyes

Cat music? Yep, it's a thing!
Cat lovers in Russia were the first to be treated to the one-minute 'Purr More' promotion for Whiskas, which has a proud tradition of creative cat work such as the 'Kitten Kollege' ad series.
This first-of-its-kind ad features original Cat music from National Symphony cellist and 'animal composer' David Teie. 
Erm, 'cat music'? Seriously? Yes indeed. As Teie explains:

“Cats listen to sounds at different frequencies to humans,
so we’ve created a piece of music that appeals
to their unique audio range"

Teie's work has been endorsed by the Journal of Feline Medicine: a clinical study measured cats' stress scores (CSSs) with silence, classical music, and cat music while being examined by vets, and also captured physiological responses. Cats showed significantly lower CSSs in response to cat music during visits to the veterinary clinic. 

"The only downer for me is the music. I could just about stand it as tongue-in-cheek, but only just," says one viewer.
But then, he's not a cat. And apart from that, he loved it.

Macbeth, Musk, Miao
I was going to write very intelligent things about Elon Musk's recruitment methods this week, but the miao-miao-miao-miao mix sidetracked me.
And while light-heartedness and humour in ads still appear to be on vacation - wait! They didn't go into exile, or, or... die, did they? - I hope you agree we can do with a spot of wool-based kitty-dreams to knit up the raveled sleave of care.


Posted by Tree Elven on 29/09/2021

Keywords: Whiskas Purr More, cat commercials, cat music, David Teie animal composer, animation in ads, AMV BDDO

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