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'MPs wanted: Experienced harassers accepted'

Wow, really? What's this all about?

Following up on their recent 'Three Billboards' campaign highlighting lack of accountability in gender-related incidents among British MPs, (https://addvertising.org/boris-johnson-decision-sparks-three-billboards-reaction) the UK Women's Equality Party (WEP) has launched a further series of posters that drive a stiletto-thrust of black humour into the heart of British government and law-making, Westminster itself.

The WEP asks why MPs facing unresolved allegations of harassment and abuse have been allowed to keep their jobs, in the party’s new national campaign to tackle violence against women.

The posters spoof job descriptions with hard-hitting anti-violence wording to get the message across as most of us do a double-take to process what we're reading. 

The 2017 'Pestminster' scandal of alleged harassment, abuse, and misuse of power among Westminster MPs has not resulted in a single conviction, points out the WEP, illustrating that if abuse is allowed to go unchecked in Westminster, where laws are made, then there is little hope of tackling the issue of violence against women nationally.

Do you think this kind of campaign is useful for raising awareness or will it only raise hackles? Does it demonise men or is it a fair response to goings-on and attitudes in British politics - and by extension, society?  

If you want to have your say on this, please click on https://addvertising.org/mps-wanted-experienced-harassers-accepted and vote or comment.

Posted by Tree Elven on 13/10/2019


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