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ELO - not the Electric Light Orchestra band but edgy French perfumier Etat Libre d'Orange - gives us a glimpse of how it came up with its new perfume,  I am Trash/Les fleurs du Déchet. It's a far cry from your familiar floaty fairytale fragrance ad. Not surprisingly from a house that has previous offered perfumes Oh My Dog! (a success) and Oh My Cat! (not so), as well as human scents Putain des Palaces and Fat Electrician, Les fleurs du Déchet (literally, the Flowers of Waste) takes an unusual approach in its ad. Environmentalists among us may love the notion of re-purposing the huge amounts of waste from the perfume industry to create a new scent, others may be inclined to turn up our noses. Delight or disgust? Will you be on the lookout for the autumn 2018 launch, or maybe even pre-orduring?

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